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Failures Give You New Perspective

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Throughout my life, there have been many experiences that left me feeling like a failure. From school, jobs, family, friends, romantic relationships, self-esteem, business, etc there have been so many things I wish I could've done differently. I use to wish that the things I viewed as failures would have never happened until my spirit gave me a new perspective.

Failure is the omission of expected or required action; lack of success.

Failures are only deemed as a failure because of the way you choose to look at the unexpected outcome. On the self-worth journey your constantly evolving into a better you which will require you to self-reflect and through the reflection you'll start to see some of the things you viewed as failures. The new perspective starts with asking yourself one question: What's the lesson?

What did that failure teach you? What can you do differently the next time? What clarity did it bring you? Look for the growth opportunity.

On my journey, I struggled with the expectations I had set for myself. I had assumptions regarding the way life was supposed to go, as well as business. The more I evolved the more I felt like I was failing until I allowed myself to look from a different set of eyes to gain a new perspective.

Everything is spiritual, right? So I started looking at everything through my spiritual lenses. Instead of viewing the things that didn't go my way as failures I started asking myself, what lesson is God trying to teach me?

When my relationships didn't last the failure was that I didn't follow my gut or I should've paid more attention. The lesson was to trust my intuition AT ALL TIMES!

When I didn't meet a deadline I set for myself the failure was that I was lazy and procrastinating The lesson was to set realistic timelines.

When I didn't launch my "Map To A Courageous Lifestyle" Personal Development Program on time the failure was that I was being an imposter and that I wasn't capable of completing the process. The lesson was to do the mental and emotional work necessary to guide with wisdom.

When I stayed stuck in my head about the future the failure was that I was wasting time. The lesson was to slow down and be in the present moment.

When I felt like it was taking a long time to make money in business the failure was that I was taking too long to promote my services. The lesson was to shift my money mindset and increase my confidence because I was worthy.

Viewing my failures as lessons changed the way I handled things that didn't turn out the way I was expecting. It helped me to accept my reality to see what was really happening. I became comfortable with growth and change. The new perspective gave me the insight I needed to move forward. The lesson from all my failures gave me this new perspective that I will always be able to achieve the desired result but the process of getting there may look and feel different than I expected.

So before you go, I want to ask you, what's the lesson from your failure?

I'd love to see your lessons in the comments! #CourageLeadsTheTruth

Until next time,

Your Courageous Queen

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1 Comment

Awesome Read!!!!!!

My failure was that I worry too much my lesson was it’s is nothing to worry about because spirit will always lead me to the right position, I just have to do nothing but follow. 😍

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