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Doctors are NOT in control, YOU are!

Are you afraid of doctors? OR Have a strong

dislike for western medicine practices??

Would you prefer to try healing yourself vs making a doctors appointment??

If the answer is yes, my intention with this blog post is to shift your perspective about doctors and how helpful they can be, especially for holistic wellness.

I've been diagnosed with a rare form of Endometriosis. Abdominal Wall Endometriosis to be exact. Not much research or testing have been done to provide a real solution but as I focus on healing, I realized that doctors ain't all bad. 

I've been scared honestly because I don't trust them!! Like at all

Ive been in & out of the hospital for my menstrual cycle since about 16yrs old & the only solution was pain pills. This is what led me down the holistic wellness route in the first place. I thought I had no choice but to figure out how to heal from the pain myself. At 31, I'm JUST now getting a diagnosis.

I didn't feel like I could be in control of my experience with doctors until nowYou can holistically heal with doctors on your side but it does take you being in control.

See, doctors have the tools necessary to give you the information you need to successfully create a holistic healing planBut you have to do the research, ask the right questions, and get your doctors to perform the testing YOU recommend. Doctors are humans too, they don't know everything but sometimes we'll trust them more than God!! Ain't that crazy??  Taking everything they say as correct, ignoring those gut feelings to dig deeper

Your doctor is your partner or even a teammate in your healing journey. You are in control, you choose them!! I think we should focus on finding doctors that'll make us feel that way vs settling for the first appointment we can get.

A few days ago, I finally scheduled my appointment with my OBGYN since getting diagnosed back in OctoberI've been studying the body & the menstrual cycle heavily since then. Studied the results from My test. Connected dots from what I already know. Even connected deeper to the spiritual side of it all!!

During my doctor's appointment I plan to

  • Share the insight I've come into regarding hormones and the menstrual cycle 

  • Lab testing that I'd like to be done 

  • Ask questions for clarity around pieces of research 

  • Allow my OBGYN to give her insight, input, & recommendations 

  • If necessary, ask to have the room from 10-15mins to process 

  • Come up with next steps that feel SAFE TO ME with my OBGYN 

This will be a journey for sure. A scary one but I am taking control of my healing. I can NOT allow pain to be my legacy and i'll be damn if I allow another doctor to do the bare mininmum.

I am in control of my healing, it all starts with me and yours do too!

I hope my transparency shift your perspective on doctors. & I hope my plan helps you create a plan for your next visit. If you'd like to follow my healing journey, subscribe to the Self-Worth Journey Blog!!!!

Until next time,

Your Courageous Coach,

Alicia Howell

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