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3 Ways to Shift How You Feel About Yourself

Have you been criticizing who and where you are today? Has self-acceptance been difficult? Do you desire more but don't know what to do to get it?

If so, keep reading

The way we speak to ourselves reveals the truth about what we feel. You may be showing up as a person who seems confident, bold, authentic, or nice but behind closed doors, you're constantly judging your every move. You criticize every flaw and disappoint yourself when you don't meet your own expectations.

You have created an ideal perspective of who you should be in your mind. You may have even allowed the perspective of others to become your reality. Instead of embracing who you truly are you try to mold yourself into who you aren't.

I need you to know that this is the exact reason why you do not have what you desire, why you aren't manifesting quickly, or why you're constantly feeling behind or stuck.

  1. Self-Compassion

In order to shift how you feel you must express self-compassion to yourself daily. In those moments of feeling like a failure or when you didn't do what you set out to do, remind yourself that this is your becoming process. You are learning, healing, releasing, and growing. The same care and kindness you'd give to a friend, give it to yourself. Speak to YOU the same exact way, using the tone of voice and words of encouragement.

2. You Are The Worthy

God created you in his image. You are a divine being of love. Therefore, you are already worthy! Release everything you have attached your worth to because it is only causing you confusion, unnecessary pressure, and overwhelm. Attaching your worth to your accomplishments, accolades, relationships, money, etc. is causing you to create lies about who you are. I know it's hard to receive but except that you were worthy when you came out of the womb, everything else is just an extension, not an addition.

3. Name The Negative Chatter

Give your ego/negative chatter a name. When you give him/her a name you are able to identify the harsh judgment and criticism as it is happening in order to shift. Calling it out allows you to invite self-compassion, the more nurturing side of you. This will begin to train him/her to take a backseat as you choose the way you speak to and about yourself, by simply becoming aware. Over time this shifts the way you feel because you'll start to see you're just human too.

I realized that my internal conversations were driving me further and further away from my goals. I would have a desire but wouldn't move towards it because "The Worrier" would tell me to wait, go back, or get more info. "The Worrier" was afraid of anything it hasn't done before and would convince me not to do it. He was trying to protect me but unknowingly was blocking my blessings. When I started to acknowledge him through self-compassion I noticed a shift in how I spoke to myself and the way I felt. My confidence expanded and my self-love increased because I rested in my worthiness.

This can happen for you too! Take the time to journal through the below "Purge Through Ink: Mindful Journaling" Prompt to give your negative chatter a name so that you can start becoming aware of how you are currently speaking to & about yourself.

"My negative chatter is a (boy or girl) whose name is...."

To go deeper within utilizing the tool of writing click the link to book a 1on1 session "Purge Through Ink: Mindful Journaling" or join the FREE Facebook group.

Before exiting take a look around the site for more.

I look forward to guiding you on the self-worth journey.

Until Next Time,

Your Courageous Coach,

A Professional Women's Assistant

Alicia Howell

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