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Alicia Howell

"You set the value for your worth" - Alicia H.

The Courageous Transformational Coach and Founder of Courageous Coaching, LLC has a very unique perspective on the mental trials we face on a day to day basis. With her greatest strength being problem-solving she has been able to free countless women from depression. She understands that the self-worth journey is chaotic, stressful, and sometimes too much to bear. Meeting people where they're at with no judgment attached is how she is able to truly provide the transformation her clients need. Her passion for people, unique talents, and unmatchable strength in problem-solving have allowed her to create a signature proven system program that provides clear, concise, and fast results! Her clients walk away with valuable tools, personalized just for them to use for any mental struggle.


Born and raised in Detroit, Mi by a single mother, Alicia understands how mentally challenging it can be to keep moving forward when everything around you tells you otherwise. The fear of failure, rejection, shame, lack of knowledge, lack of money was the opposition she faced on a daily basis. She understands that in life, regardless of what background you're from you'll tend to experience one of those feelings above. Some people are able to overcome it but many are not.


Graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Media and Information and a minor in IT. She worked in the IT industry for 3 years before realizing that her passion for people and they're personal development was what drove her. Her loyalty and commitment to people is what makes her coaching unique. She values you and wants to use her gifts, talents, and strengths to help you fight for your freedom.

Alicia is also a youth advocate and believes that encouraging our youth to build a personal relationship with God is the greatest decision one can make. Allowing them to see how he loves through our vulnerable testimonies positions them to aspire to seek him more. Teaching them to find their worth and value in God alone and not by this world. Jeremiah 29:11

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