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This is for the bold and fearless woman ready to live courageously out loud as her authentic self. The woman who's ready to own her truth and walk confidently in it.



The Why

You see, I totally understand where you are right now. You are desperately yearning for more freedom and joy as you grow and evolve in this life. You have a desire to embark on a self-love journey but don't know where to start.  I know because I've sat right where you are today. I needed to love the woman I saw in the mirror because she was internally broken.  I was afraid of slowing down due to fear of missing out on something. I lacked boundaries and would people please my way through life. I had the money, career, and friends but still went to bed each night unfulfilled.

Sounds familiar?  

Well, let me be the first to tell you that there is a solution.  You need practical tools and techniques that will pull you out of your misery. You need a community to hold you accountable to the woman you're becoming. You need a safe space to be vulnerable and connect with your body. 

I cultivated what I needed and have been loving myself out loud ever since! 

Now, I'm inviting you into the tribe to do the same. I have 2 options available, a mentorship program and a 4-week Intensive. These programs are limited and the waitlist period will be closing soon. 

"Courageous Queen" is a movement for radical ambitious women (R.A.W) that will focus on:


Discover passions & unblock creativity by tapping into divine feminine and sensual energy


Highlighting the importance of connecting to God/Source/Higher Self to stay in alignment with purpose


Making your health & wellness non-negotiable


Goal Getting + Self-Love + Mindset = Feminine Business Flow


Addressing trauma wounds to accept the truth and find the good in it.


Loving the skin your in RIGHT NOW

A Courageous Queen is a Radical Ambitious Woman who found the courage to align with the Feminine Goddess within.

Courageous Queen tribe
Mentorship program

CQ_Subscription (3).png

Courageous queens in alignment
4-week intensive

Because of the intensive nature of this program and depth, it is invite only. If you are interested, please click below to fill out a form. Upon filling out the form, you will be contacted for an interview if it appears you align.


Must complete application to be considered

As a result you will be able to:

Confidently show up bold, authentic, & unapologetically YOU

Create a lifestyle of more ease & flow

Awaken your feminine and sensual energy to manifest

Love the skin you're in RIGHT NOW!

Enrollment now open!!! 


Valued @ $300/month

$1111/week or $4000

Courageous queens in alignment
4-week intensive

Valued @ $8000/month

Courageous Queen Tribe
Mentorship Program

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