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3 Lovable Truths about FEAR

On the self-worth journey, I've learned that the root of all my blockages, confusion, shame, guilt, and self-doubt is connected to fear. Since making this connection I've decided to transform my relationship with fear by loving its presence and giving it space to be understood. Today, I want to share with you 3 lovable truths that I've accepted so far.

1. Fear is NEVER going to leave

Fear is never going to leave me, it is my friendly reminder that I have elevated into new territory. It is not designed to stop me from growing but to become fully aware and present with the transformation. Fear positions me to address the parts of myself that can come into this new territory and the parts that I need to leave behind. Giving myself permission to accept this truth allowed me to surrender control because my need to be in control stems from fear of abandonment. If it's anything in the world that wouldn't abandon me, it's fear. Idk about you but that's comforting as hell!! I stopped fighting and grew a relationship with fear instead.

2. Fear is Protection

Fear protects you from yourself and prepares you to handle the challenges ahead. New territory, growth, or any form of elevation can not exist without the presence of fear. It is your greatest teacher and loyal friend, never allowing you to show up unprepared or unaware of what's necessary. It's signaling that something within you needs attention in order to succeed. So instead of avoiding the things I wanted to do for myself I paused and listened to what my thoughts really had to say. Understanding that fear just wants the best for me allowed me to address my internal beliefs causing the fear!

3. Fear is Created by YOU

Fear is simply a non-existed danger that we created in our minds. If we really think about our fears, how often do they come true? I am a powerful creative being and so are you. We can spend so much time thinking/creating a series of outcomes tied to fear but rarely to possibility. Re-creating your fear-based beliefs into abundant-based beliefs will release the stronghold fear has on you. I had to take my power back! Instead of creating fears, I decided to create with them. Creating a new reality where fear is not an enemy but a love that only wants to see me succeed.

With fear, get present, aware, and clear of the purpose of its presence or it would get too comfortable and control EVERYTHING you do. You would then be addicted to having fear around all the time vs new levels of growth. Allow fear to simply be a guide for growth, not a decision to not grow.

I've created a Purge Through Ink: Mindful Journaling course to help you address your relationship with fear. This course will help you identify what fear feels and look like in your life. Click the link to learn more: Purge Through Ink: Addressing Fear

It's time to be in control of fear, not controlled by fear, peace awaits.

Until next time,

Your Courageous Coach,

Alicia - Mother Nature

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