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3 Tips For Building Body Confidence

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

How are you viewing your body? Are you making decisions based on how the world says you should be? family? friends?

What part of your health is being dictated by you and only you?

I ask those questions because I had an experience a few weeks ago that showed me why the only person who matters on my health journey is me. I am the only person who shall define what's good and what isn't.

Being transparent here, I've been losing weight over the past few months unintentionally, mind you, IM ALREADY SKINNY! I currently weigh between 105-110lbs. When I first start noticing the changes I became a little insecure about my size and whenever I'd hear "you getting skinny" it'd make my skin boil. I was eating trash food just to gain weight knowing it was ruining the inside of me and I felt like I was betraying myself each and every time, why? because I knew better! I struggled with eating healthy because I was not raised on nutritional foods that are good for you. After 2-3days of eating healthy food, I would start craving burgers and pizza. So I'd be in a constant battle with myself to either eat healthy or eat the processed food that harms my body. This battle is why my weight has dropped and I am not a fan! Slim thick me, please!!!

1. Commit to the journey without harsh judgment on your progress.

What matters is committing to the journey without harsh judgment on my progress. Allowing myself to evolve and grow without interrupting the process with my own criticisms.

A few weeks ago, I was on FaceTime with my best friend and we were talking about my weight loss being spiritual as well as the change in my eating habits. In the middle of the conversation, I realized I had to go to the gas station so I kept her on the phone as I made my run. So I get what I need from the gas station and as I walk out a lady stopped to ask me "How do you stay in great shape? you look really fit"...Coincidence? I think not!

As I was criticizing myself someone else saw a perfect body. Now I could've taken that compliment and ran with it, allowing her perspective to be my reality and accepting that my current body is in good shape. Especially when I was not working out or consistent with my diet. That compliment could've been my winning ticket out of this get healthy and gain weight journey. Instead, I decided to just make a commitment to do better.

2. Your perspective of YOU MATTER

What mattered at that moment was my own perspective of my body. Was I happy with my body? at the time, no. I knew there was a better version of myself that I could get to. I quickly realized that the only opinion that matters is MINE. Though she saw a perfect body, I KNOW the truth on the inside. I chose not to settle with the outside perspective but to accept the one within.

That day shifted something in my spirit because I no longer looked at my journey with judgment. I stopped looking at my body criticizing how small I was and started using the MIRROR!!

After bathing, I dance in the mirror air drying while affirming how great my body looks, how beautiful I am inside and out, and how committed I am to taking care of my temple. Like really...just...loving on myself, speaking love into the parts that were hard for me to accept.

I started to add full body stretches and strengthening exercises to my morning routine which led to intaking more fruits and vegetables and of course water. All with the commitment to tone my gorgeous temple.

Accepting my perspective led me into a new passion, healing holistically by starting at the root, the womb. As a wombman, everything from birth to present gets stored in the womb and it's our job to honor, nurture, cleanse, release, and most of all protect her because she is the giver of life. The womb is where the intuition lies and it is never wrong. You are able to flow freely with her when she is well taken care of with love.

Want to heal from trauma? A better quality of life? Love yourself unconditionally? Be your authentic self? Start at the Womb!!!!

If you believe in your own perspective, imagine where it could lead you? You too may discover something new and exciting!

3. Accept yourself as you are

Moral of the story, accept yourself as you are while being committed to getting to where you want to be. Other people may see something totally different if they're on the outside of your journey and that's ok. Choose your perspective and allow only YOU to define what is or is not good for you.

Our health is a journey, not an ending destination. Allowing an outside perspective to dictate where you should be will only allow you to see yourself through their lense and not your own. Your perspective is valid, your perspective is enough, your perspective of you will get you further along on your journey because it's you making decisions and not the outside perspectives. Trust your judgment and watch how much you evolve into that better version of yourself.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.

Until next time,

Your Courageous Coach

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